Better nutrition is for everyone — people of all ages, all stages of life, and all walks of life. 

I see private and semi-private clients in my San Francisco office at an integrative medical clinic called Advanced Health in San Francisco, and I support you while we work together. I also see clients who are not local via phone and FaceTime. 

My areas of practice include:

  • gastrointestinal health, including inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • family nutrition with an emphasis on working with teenagers who not only seek tactical guidance on what to eat, but support in navigating mainstream diet culture and in making balanced choices to promote their health and well being in high school, college and beyond.
  • women who are approaching perimenopause or are in perimenopause to slow down aging and rev up metabolism using lifestyle and nutrition.

Elimination diets are stressful, challenging and oftentimes leave us feeling confused and depleted. What if you had more sophisticated tools at your fingertips to help you feel better and nourish more completely? The timing of your meals, your cooking methods, raw foods versus cooked foods, short term supplementation… these are just a few facets of the action plan you’ll get when you work with Nicole.

nice words from my colleagues and clients!

“Nicole is such an excellent listener and a wealth of information when it comes to health and nutrition. She is 100% committed to changing people’s lives through the food they eat and her passion for real foods is contagious and inspiring. I highly recommend Nicole for anyone that is ready to take the next step toward better health and energy!” — J.D.

“When our patients present with serious GI distress we ALWAYS refer to Nicole. Not only is she deeply passionate about nutrition and the quality of care she provides for her [clients] but she is also a masterful nutritionist and healer.” — L.B.

“Nicole Bianchi knows how to hold the dynamic balance of encouraging dietary change as she holds compassion for each and every client she works with. She holds a positive outlook and inspires her clients to change as they elevate their nutritional awareness and practices. I highly recommend Nicole Bianchi for nutritional coaching.” — K.J.

“The way you sent the meal plan is so easy and helpful. When there is a lack of culinary motivation (like I often exhibit) it made it really easy for me to tackle the shopping. Thank you for the time and effort that went into that.” — S.P.

“Nicole has taught me a lot about food and there are some really wonderful ideas and concepts that I will be taking with me into my life and daily practices. I appreciate her attentiveness and warmth so much. She was a wonderful support during a difficult time.” — S.B.

“Nicole was absolutely wonderful to work with! She’s very knowledgeable and hip on the trends and deliciously healthy foods that I wouldn’t normally think about. More importantly for us, she really understood our background and needs to help us work within our parameters making changes we could comfortably and realistically make happen. We have seen a positive impact on our diet and health awareness and we really appreciate Nicole working with us. She’s super patient, diligent and very organized. I highly recommend her services and feel this was a very wise investment in our health as she provided a solid foundation for us to work off. Thank you, Nicole!” — J.S.

“I worked with Nicole to help improve my toddler’s diet. She has an excellent ability to take an overwhelming subject and help break it down into smaller pieces to solve. She was always available with suggestions and helped me better understand what I could easily do help my son try new foods. Her unique combination of being a mom of young children, innate compassion, and extreme knowledge of food proprieties makes her the ultimate go-to for any parent wanting to improve their kid’s diet!” — C.H.